In need of an audio interface for your audio PC or MAC workstation computer? ADK offers only the best audio interface solutions for PC and MAC. Pro Audio Interfaces that offer the best in stable low latency performance and the most common professional protocols like USB 2.0, USB 3.0, Firewire 400, Firewire 800, PCI-e and Thunderbolt. ADK all the major manufacturers that off cross platform compatibility including, RME, Lynx Studio, Steinberg, Presonus, Focusrite, Antelope Audio, AVID, Universal Audio, MOTU plus many more.

ADK also offer flexible scalable, low latency network audio base solutions based on DANTE, Soundgrid, AVB and Ravenna protocols from manufacturers like Focusrite, DigiGrid, Waves, Yamaha Nuage, and MOTU.

Need help deciding which interface is right for your studio? Get our expert advice on choosing the right interface with the right connects for your digital audio workstation. 859-635-5762

Are you doing video production or need to offer it in your studio? Do you already offer audio, video and multimedia production in multi- room facility? ADK offers full line of high end video production equipment and software to add to your studio. We clients include many top studios, broadcast and production facilities all over the world. We know how important and mission critical your sessions need to be. With our professional advice, legendary post-sales and tech support and free shipping options we strive to help your studio grow and your creativity to flow.

Audio Interfaces

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  1. Antelope Audio Zen Go Synergy Core
    As low as $549.00
  2. Antelope Audio Zen Q Synergy Core
    As low as $999.00
  3. Apogee JAM Cover
    Apogee JAM Cover - Blue
    As low as $9.95
  4. Apogee Symphony I/O Mk II 16x16
    Apogee Symphony I/O Mk II 16x16 -SoundGrid
    As low as $5,995.00
  5. Apogee Symphony I/O Mk II 32x32
    Symphony I/O Mk II 32 x32 - Thunderbolt
    As low as $9,295.00
  6. Arturia AUDIOFUSE (Rev2)
    14 x14 - Pro Digital Audio Interface + Arturia Creative Suite Software
    As low as $599.00
  7. Arturia Minifuse 1
    Portable 1 in / 2 out audio interface with included software instruments and effects to get recording
    As low as $99.00
  8. Arturia Minifuse 2
    2 in / 2 out audio interface with included software instruments and effects to get recording
    As low as $149.00
  9. Arturia Minifuse 4
    Versatile desktop audio interface
    As low as $219.00
  10. Aurora(n) PRE 1208
    As low as $3,575.00
  11. Black Lion Audio Micro Clock MKII
    Black Lion Audio Revolution 2x2 Audio Interface
    As low as $399.00
  12. Ferrofish A32
    Smart Converters & Routers
    As low as $69.00
  13. Ferrofish B4000+
    Legendary Hammond B3 emulation in pocket size format
    As low as $49.00
  14. Focusrite Pro Red 8Line
    58-In, 64-Out Thunderbolt™ 3 Audio Interface With Two Red Evolution Mic Pres, Analogue Line-Level, DigiLink, Dante®, ADAT & S/PDIF Connectivity
    As low as $2,999.99
  15. Focusrite Pro RedNet A16R MkII
    16x16 Analogue I/O With Independent Level Control
    As low as $4,399.99
  16. Focusrite Pro RedNet D16R MkII
    RedNet D16R MkII is a 16x16 digital interface for Dante networks, with channel level control for individual inputs and outputs.
    As low as $2,799.99
  17. Focusrite Pro RedNet R1
    RedNet R1 is a desktop remote controller that unleashes the power of Focusrite Red interfaces. It’s designed for professionals who need to adapt their audio configurations quickly to suit the ever-increasing demands of the studio environment.
    As low as $1,099.99
  18. On Sale: -8%
    Focusrite Scarlett Solo (3rd Gen)
    USB 2.0 Audio Interface, 2-in/2-out, 24-bit/192kHz, with 1 Mic Preamp, 1 Instrument Input, USB Bus Power, and Bundled Software - Mac/PC
    Special Price $109.99 was $119.99
  19. Lynx AES16e
    The AES16e offers 16 channels of 192 kHz AES/EBU I/O.
    As low as $699.00
  20. Lynx Aurora(n) 16
    Representing an complete redesign of the Aurora line, the Aurora(n) achieves significant performance and feature improvements
    As low as $3,810.00