Find the exact digital format converter you need with our selection from RME Audio or Ferrofish. Ranging from 8 to 64 channels, we have the perfect fit whether you're a beginner or professional.

Digital Format Converters

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  1. RME Audio ADI-6432 Redundant
    64 channel AES to MADI Format Converter w/ redundant PSU
  2. RME Audio ADI-648
    24 Bit/96 kHz 64 Channel MADI, 8 X 8 ADAT Patchbay, S/MUX, WC I/O, Optical/Coax Format Converter
  3. RME Audio AVB Tool
    16 Input / 8 Output High-End MADI/AVB/ADAT to Analog converter, 19" 1RU
  4. RME Audio DMC-842
    AES42 Interface and Control Device for Digital Microphones
  5. RME Audio DTOX-32
    Digital AES/EBU breakoutbox, 4 XLR Male, 4 XLR Female <> 2 x D-sub 25-pin outputs (TASCAM or YAMAHA), 19", 1 RU
  6. RME Audio M-1610 Pro
    MADI <> AVB Converter with 4 Mic/Line/Inst inputs, Line and Phones out with internal routing
  7. RME Audio MADI Converter
    2 x 6-channel MADI optical/coaxial converters convert MADI digital audio streams from optical format to coaxial and from coaxial to optical.
  8. RME Audio MADI Router
    12 port MADI Optical, Coaxial, Twisted Pair Digital Patch Bay and Format Converter
  9. SRC Addon
    Optional 64 ch bidirectional sample rate converter addon for the MVR-64
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