Multi-Channel Preamps

Grow your studio or invest in the future growth with our Multi-Channel Preamps. Made with the most recent technology from innovative manufacturers such as AVID, Universal, Yamaha, and more.

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  1. 12 Mic
    12-Channel, digitally controlled High-End Mic Preamp with integrated MADI and AVB, 19" 1RU
  2. Antelope Audio MP32
    32-channel console-grade microphone preamp with integrated software remote control and exciting new approach to analog circuit design.
  3. Antelope Audio MP8d
    8-channel class-A microphone preamplifier, which boasts Antelope Audio's integrated world-class A/D conversion.
  4. Audient ASP800
    8 Channel Mic Pre & AD Converter with 2 Channels of HMX & IRON
  5. Audient ASP880
    8-Channel Class-A Microphone Preamplifier and AD Converter
  6. Focusrite Clarett OctoPre
    8-channel 24-bit / 192kHz A-D and D-A with eight Microphone Preamplifiers, and eight line outputs, for expanding computer audio interfaces via ADAT I/O.
  7. Focusrite Scarlett OctoPre
    8-channel mic preamp with ADAT connectivity
  8. Focusrite Scarlett OctoPre Dynamic
    8 channel mic pre with A-D/D-A conversion & analogue compression
  9. ISA 428 MkII
    ISA 428 MkII
  10. PreSonus DigiMax D8
    Multi-Channel Microphone Preamp with ADAT Output
  11. Presonus DigiMax DP88
    8-Channel A/D/A Converter with Remote-Controllable Preamps
  12. Pro Tools Sync HD
    Get all of the usual suspects to connect to Linear Timecode, Word Clock, NTSC/PAL sources, black burst generators, digital audio signals, and Machine Control-enabled systems, as well as Bi-Phase, Tach, and Pilot devices.
  13. RME Audio DMC-842
    AES42 Interface and Control Device for Digital Microphones
  14. RME Audio Micstasy
    8-channel hi-end mic/line preamp and AD-converter with AES and ADAT (optional MADI I/O available)
  15. RME Audio OctaMic II
    8-channel 24-bit/192kHz A/D Converter and Mic pre amp with Dual Digital Outputs
  16. RME Audio OctaMic XTC
    8-channel Microphone Preamplifier with 85dB of Gain, Pro-quality Conversion (up to 24-bit/192kHz), and Extensive Digital Connectivity
  17. RME Audio QuadMic II
    4-channel Mic Preamp, 9 1/2", 1RU
  18. Scarlett Solo Studio (3rd Gen)
    USB 2.0 Audio Interface, 2-in/2-out, 24-bit/192kHz, with 1 Mic Preamp, 1 Instrument Input, USB Bus Power, and Bundled Software - Mac/PC
  19. TRUE Systems Precision 8
    8-channel Microphone Preamplifier with 2 Direct Instrument Inputs
  20. Universal Audio - 4-710D Four-Channel Mic Pre
    4-channel Tube/FET Preamp and DI with Tone Blending Knob, and 8-channel 24-bit/192kHz A/D Conversion
  21. Yamaha AD8HR
    8 channel 24-bit/96kHz Mic Preamplifier/AD converter based on PM5000 HA: 8 XLR inputs, two 25-pin D-sub AES/EBU outputs, Word Clock I/O and RS422 port for remote control. +48V Phantom Power and HPF. 1U Rackspace
  22. Yamaha Tio1608-D - Digital Stage Box
    16-in/8-out Stage Box with 16 Microphone Preamplifiers, 8 Line Outputs, and Dante Digital Connectivity
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