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Single-Channel Preamps

Make the most out of your audio recording process with the highest quality Single-Channel Preamps available. With a variety of models from Focusrite, Presonus, Studio Projects, Universal Audio, Avalon Design, and SPL-Sound Performance Lab, find what best meets your requirements and budget.

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  1. Avalon Design M5
    Microphone Preamp
  2. Avalon Design VT-737SP
    Channel Strip
  3. Focusrite ISA ONE
    Portable Preamp Based on Focusrite Forte Technology
  4. PreSonus BlueTube DP v2
    2-channel Microphone and Instrument Preamplifier with Mixable XMAX Solid-state and 12AX7-based Tube Preamplifiers for Each Channel
  5. PreSonus Studio Channel Vacuum Tube Channel Strip
    Single Channel Tube Strip - Mic Preamp / Comp /EQ
  6. PreSonus Tubepre V2 Mono Tube Preamp (1/3U)
    TubePre V2: 1-channel Tube Preamplifier/DI Box
  7. SPL GainStation 1
    Single channel microphone and instrument preamplifier
  8. SPL GainStation 1 with A/D converter
    Single channel microphone and instrument preamplifier with 24Bit/192kHz AD Converter Module 1090
  9. Studio Projects VTB1
    Single-Channel Solid State Microphone Preamplifier with Tube Blend
  10. Universal Audio 6176
    6176 Analog Channel Strip with 610 Tube Microphone Preamp and 1176LN Compressor
  11. Universal Audio 710 Twin-Finity
    Tube/FET Preamp and DI with Tone-blending Knob, Dual Gain Stage Settings, and Discrete JFET DI Input
  12. Universal Audio SOLO/610 Classic Tube Single Channel Mic Pre
    All-tube 1-channel Mic Preamp and DI Box
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