Monitor Management

Make studio monitoring easy with our monitor controllers, control centers, speaker management or volume controllers. Our variety of machines offer easy methods of monitoring your sound.

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  1. Antelope Audio Satori High-End Monitoring Controller + R4S
    digitally-controlled true analog monitoring and summing system with uncompromising sound quality
  2. Audient ASP510
    The ASP510 Surround Sound Controller integrates seamlessly with any console or DAW based surround sound set-up to provide comprehensive monitoring control and record functions for multiple surround sound formats.
  3. Audient Nero
    Building on over 20 years of expertise in analogue console heritage, Nero has been designed to give you powerful control over your monitoring.
  4. MACKIE Big Knob Passive
    MACKIE Big Knob Passive | Passive 2x2 Studio Monitor Controller
  5. MACKIE Big Knob Studio
    MACKIE Big Knob Studio | 3x2 Studio Monitor Controller
  6. MACKIE Big Knob Studio+
    MACKIE Big Knob Studio+ | 4x3 Studio Monitor Controller
  7. PreSonus Central Station PLUS
    Studio Control Center with Remote
  8. NEW
    Presonus HD7
    Full-range Headphones with Deep, Rich Bass HD7: Professional monitoring headphones.
  9. NEW
    Presonus HP2 - TRS
    Presonus HP2 - TRS
  10. PreSonus Monitor Station V2
    Desktop Monitor Controller with Input and Output Routing, 4 Headphone Outs with Individual Levels, Source Selection, S/PDIF Digital Input, and Talkback Mic - Black
  11. SPL 2Control
    Speaker & Headphone Monitoring Controller
  12. SPL MTC Monitor & Talkback Controller
    Stereo volume, source and monitor control with cue mixing and talkback functions
  13. SPL SMC Surround Monitor Controller
    One-point stereo and 5.1 volume control, source and speaker management
  14. SPL Volume 2
    High-End Stereo Volume Controller
  15. SPL Volume 8
    High-End Multichannel Volume Controller
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