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PSP ModularCollection for VoltageModular
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PSP Classics Modular Collection for Voltage Modular platform includes 7 classic effects modules based on our extensive experience in developing high quality “bread and butter” effects and processor plug-ins. The bundle consist of: PSP Spring (three classic spring reverb emulations), PSP Plate (three classic plate reverb emulations),  PSP Space (three classic room reverb emulations), PSP Delay (digital delay with tape modulation and pingpong features), PSP Chorus (four voice stereo chorus), PSP Flanger (stereo flanger with manual control) and PSP Rotary (an emulation of classic rotary speakers).

PSP Delay

A “bread and butter” effect with just enough extras to make it unique. PSP Delay can operate in mono or stereo and offers from as little as 10ms up to 2 seconds of delay. You also have full control over feedback, width, and mix percentage, along with adjustable output gain or sync PSP Delay to your host DAW. PSP Delay also offers adjustable high and low pass filters. That’s the “regular” stuff…then PSP Delay starts getting fun! You can use the “PingPong” control to adjust the “bounce” of the delays between channels. You can dial in percentages of saturation and wobble for tape style effects and modulation. And since this is a CV controllable module, you can dial in a positive or negative percentage of CV time offset.

PSP Spring

PSP Spring brings three classic spring reverb emulations to your Voltage modular rig! In addition to selecting between three spring reverb types, you can adjust the input gain, reverb tail dampening and decay time, the width of the reverb, and mix level. You can also dial in as much Twang as you want so you can vary the spring emulations from rich and soupy to sharp and surfy!

PSP Space

A realistic, algorithmic reverb recreation of three acoustic spaces! PSP Space offers three different algorithms: room, hall and chamber. PSP Space is an easy-to-use, simple reverb module that still packs the most important controls into its compact UI; you can adjust the input gain, reverb tail dampening and decay time, the width of the reverb and you can adjust the mix level. You can also dial in modulation if you want to add other-worldly shimmer!

PSP Flanger

If you’re looking for a flanger module that gives you complete flexibility along with a unique modulation feature, PSP Flanger is the one! It features a time slider from 0 to 20ms of delay for a manual (and CV controllable) flange effect; width, mix and feedback percentage controls; high and low pass filters; and adjustable output gain. Where it gets fun is that you also can control the modulation range (depth), the LFO rate and the STEREO spread. You can also choose the type of modulation, either stander LFO or PSP’s unique “wobble” modulation. PSP Flanger opens a world of flanging possibilities in one module!

PSP Chorus

If you’re looking for true stereo chorus with up to four voices in a module, PSP Chorus is the one! This is a fully featured stereo chorus, with controls for individual or grouped predelay and range times, feedback percentage, low pass filter frequency, crossover with adjustable frequency and bass boost, mix, and output level. But its real secret sauce is PSP Chorus’s output configuration switch. You can select between two to four voices and one to four LFOs, with the option to crossfeed the four voices. You can also fine tune the chorus intensity, phase spread, and LFO type. And since this is a module, there are individual CV ins to control predelay times of individual voices and to control the intensity of the chorus.

PSP Plate

If you’re looking for the best algorithmic emulation of a plate reverb in a plug-in, PSP Plate is it! It offers three different selectable Plate reverb emulations. You can adjust the input gain, reverb tail dampening and decay time, the width of the reverb, and mix level. You can also dial in modulation if you want to add some movement and wobble to your plate!

PSP Rotary

PSP Rotary is an emulation of a classic mechanical modulation effect created by a rotating speakers' horn and drum. It is a great addition and enhancement for any organ style instrument, and for less typical applications, such as vocal choruses, strings or even drum tracks.

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