Reason+ Plus 1 Year Subscription

Subscribe to Reason+ and get the tools to sound like nobody else.
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All you need – one subscription

·        Weekly inspiring sound packs

·        70+ legendary instruments & effects

·        Plugin rack for creative sound design

·        Up-to-date Reason software

Get inspired by our weekly sound packs with musical building blocks that go well together. All sounds are created by world class sound designers in the Reason Rack – so you can change them any way you want.

Our 70+ instruments and effects have been used to make countless hits – and countless unique sounds. By combining them any way you want in the Reason Rack you can really control your creative expression.

The Reason Rack is a sound design playground that can be used as a plugin with any other music production software. But Reason is also full-fledged music production software where you can record and edit. As a Reason+ subscriber you always have access to the latest version with all available updates.


What is Reason+?

It is a subscription service where you get all the tools you need to make music and find your own unique sound. Awesome software, professional instruments and effects and inspiring musical building blocks.


What does Reason+ give me?

You get access to Reason (standalone and VST/AU/AAX plugin) and its collection of over 70 legendary instruments and effects. This means you'll have access to every synth, sampler, effect and utility that we have ever made—and anything we make in the future, too.


You'll also get access to hundreds of sound packs, available through the Reason+ companion app. Every week, new inspiring packs are added to inspire you to craft and design new sounds and musical ideas. Our sound packs are musical building blocks made up of anything from hard-hitting drums, earth-shattering bass sounds, ethereal synth sounds and thousands of other sounds to inspire your next song. Much like a sample pack – but there is no limit to how you can change them. You get both ease-of-use and full creative control.


How does Reason+ work?

For a monthly or yearly subscription to Reason+, you get access to Reason that you can use either as a VST/AU/AAX plugin with any other DAW or as a full music production software in itself. If you use it as a plugin it is really the sound design playground – the Reason Rack – that you put inside the DAW you already use, to get fantastic tools to develop your own unique sound.


Either way, plugin or standalone, you'll get new sound packs weekly and all our instruments and effects in the Reason+ companion app.


Can I use Reason+ with my current software?

Yup. You can use Reason Rack Plugin (VST/AU/AAX) as a plugin in any DAW or host or you can use Reason as a standalone music making software.

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