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Render Plus Software
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nXtRender for AutoCAD

The nXtRender for AutoCAD rendering engine enables you toquickly and easily create stunning, life-like images from your 3D models insideAutoCAD and AutoCAD Architecture.

Easy to Use

With nXtRender you don’t need to be a professional rendererto get photorealistic results quickly. You provide materials and lighting, then click the green render buttonand nXtRender provides the simulation. Unlike other renderers, there are very few settings to worry about orunderstand.



nXtRender produces realistic results by simulating lighttransport in your model.  Indirectlighting as well as complex reflection and refraction can be easilyincorporated into the simulation. Interior and exterior daylight simulations, HDR image-based lighting,and many other techniques are all handled easily.



nXtRender uses efficient, modern ray-casting technology toproduce results as quickly as possible. All processor cores are automatically utilized in parallel.  Images are continually refined and improvedover time.

Loaded with Extras

Image Editor with support for multiple lighting channels.

3D Plant Editor.

Content libraries (plants, materials, HDRi).

Pre-textured mesh support.

Support for 3rd party texture sets.


  • Physically-based luminance calculation
  • Choice of Packet Tracer or Path Tracer engines
  • Progressive refinement algorithm
  • 64-bit version for massive data sets


  • Parallel algorithms efficiently use all available cores
  • Near-linear performance increase WRT number of cores
  • Vector-based calculation using SSE


  • Analytical sky and sun
  • HDRi image-based lighting
  • Up to eight Lighting Channels
  • IES file support
  • Luminance values available for all surfaces
  • Refractive and reflective caustics
  • Automatic daylight portals for efficient interior daylight simulations


  • Efficient displacement mapping with low memory overhead
  • Normal and bump mapping
  • Texture set support
  • Procedural textures and bumps
  • Blurry transparency and glossy reflection
  • Fully assignable to ACA components


  • 3D plant editor and library
  • Textured mesh object support (OBJ and 3DS format)
  • RPC support

Ready-made Content

  • Fractal Trees
  • Material Library
  • HDRi Backgrounds


  • Perspective
  • 2-Point Perspective
  • Orthographic
  • Panoramic
  • Accurate depth of field

Image Editor and Output

  • Lighting channel manipulation
  • Post-process fx like real-time depth of field, haze, and veiling glare.
  • Image arithmetic
  • Piranesi support
  • HDR and EXR high dynamic range output
  • Mask, material, and distance channels
  • Automatic alpha-compositing


  • Easy to use 3D slide show animation
  • Path-based animation
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