RME Audio MADIface USB

USB 2.0 Audio Interface with 2 x MADI I/O (Optical and Coax), and TotalMix FX Management Software
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RME Audio
Mac & Win
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Now included with every RME Interface



True Sound Studio RME Drum Sample Pack


The True Sound Drum Sample pack has been recorded by Ryan Wiesner of True Sound Studios using the RME BabyFace Pro.  This unique pack only available with the Premium Plug in Bundle was recorded at indoor and outdoor locations such as reverb lush grain silos, waterfront, garage, and studio rooms. The Samples include Kick, Snare, Toms, Rims and Hi Hats along with Percussion to make your recordings truly unique and with premium sound quality.




How to Get the RME Drum Sample Pack


When customers register their RME interface they will be sent to the Plugins Bundle Page to receive instructions for the Sample Pack along with all of the FREE 3rd Party PLUGINS.

A perfect companion

Mixer, router, format converter, stream splitter, signal repeater - the MADI face USB is a perfect addition to any MADI system. You canuse it to create redundancy, for automatic fail over, and even for creating mixes with extremely low latency between the optical, coaxial and USB 2.0 audio inputs altogether! The MADI face USB can be be easily integrated into a broad range of applications.

Connectivity and Features

¬∑       1 x MADI optical I/O

¬∑       1 x MADI I/O coaxial

¬∑       1 x Word Clock I/O

¬∑       1 x MIDI I/O

¬∑       1 x ARC USB

¬∑       TotalMix FX

¬∑       RME USB 2.0



MADI portability at its best!

The compact MADI face USB provides MADI I/O over USB 2.0 while supporting the format's full 64 channels for recording and playback,under Mac and Windows. Both inputs can be used for full redundancy operation.Optionally both MADI I/Os can be operated simultaneously for full 128 channel input and output access, mixed and routed by Total Mix. Even without computer the small box delivers extraordinary bi-directional format converter and active repeater functionality.


Its sturdy and bus-powered design makes it as easy to use as reliable in operation. MADI face USB is both MADI portability at its best as also a perfect desktop solution to connect MADI equipment to any Mac and PC. Areal gem in flexibility, usefulness and trouble-free operation - as you expect it from RME.

Features and Operation Modes

MADI face USB offers several operation modes when used with a Mac or Windows computer: 64 Channel Mix, Redundancy mode, 128 Channel Mix and a straight routing mode.


The option Disable Total Mix completely disables Total Mix,the unit's flexible internal mixer and routing matrix. All input and output data is going straight to record/coming from playback, with no mixing or routing involved. In this mode the outputs are mirrored, carrying the same signal.


In 64 Channel Mix mode Total Mix shows 64 input, playback and output channels. All settings in Total Mix use the data from one MADI input port, and send identical data to both MADI output ports. The currently active MADI input port can be configured in the Settings dialog.

The option Auto Select activates an automatic input selection.Using both inputs at the same time, Auto Select puts the device into Seamless Redundancy mode. The MADI face USB will switch to the other input in real-time if the current one fails.


In 128 Channel Mix mode record and playback is still limited to 64 channels, with the current input selected in the Settings dialog. But the other input is also available through Total Mix, and the output signal is not mirrored, but separated, with Total Mix having 128 output channels. Applications like independent mix output, monitoring and serial pass-through of the second source are just a few clicks away.


Steady Clock as well as RME's well known MADI compatibility ensure hassle-free operation with other devices. MIDI over MADI technology maybe used to remote-control other MADI devices. DIGI Check, an included complete audio analyzing suite, supports the user under Mac OS X and Windows.


DIGI Check - Test, Measurement and Analysis Tool for Mac& Windows

The Interface comes with RME's unique software tool box for metering, testing, measuring and analyzing digital audio streams. On Mac OS X provides unique functions and features of the spectral analysis of the data calculated in hardware level right through to sophisticated multi-channel level meter. On Windows, an additional multi-track recorder and the display of playback data from an audio software are also available.

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Click here for TotalMix FX Information

Inputs/Outputs2 x MADI I/O, optical and coaxial (BNC)
MIDI In/Outvia virtual MIDI port
ClockMode: Master (internal) and slave (MADI input)
Sample Rates44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz, variable (Sync/DDS)
Jitter< 1 ns, internal and all inputs
Sensitivity: PLL operates even at 100 ns Jitter
RedundancyWith both inputs
SoftwareTotalMix: 2048-channel mixer with 48-bit internal resolution
latency-free submixes and perfect ASIO Direct Monitoring
InterfaceUSB 2.0, bus-powered
DriversWindows Vista, 7, 8 (Multi-client operation of ASIO 2.3 and WDM)
Mac OS X (10.6 or up, Core Audio, Core MIDI)

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