12-Channel, digitally controlled High-End Mic Preamp with integrated MADI and AVB, 19" 1RU
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12 Mic
RME Audio
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Now included with every RME Interface



True Sound Studio RME Drum Sample Pack


The True Sound Drum Sample pack has been recorded by Ryan Wiesner of True Sound Studios using the RME BabyFace Pro.  This unique pack only available with the Premium Plug in Bundle was recorded at indoor and outdoor locations such as reverb lush grain silos, waterfront, garage, and studio rooms. The Samples include Kick, Snare, Toms, Rims and Hi Hats along with Percussion to make your recordings truly unique and with premium sound quality.




How to Get the RME Drum Sample Pack


When customers register their RME interface they will be sent to the Plugins Bundle Page to receive instructions for the Sample Pack along with all of the FREE 3rd Party PLUGINS.

12Mic PRODUCTS 12 channel digitally controlled microphone preamplifier with AVB and MADI

The RME 12Mic is a twelve channel remote controllable microphone preamplifier with no-compromise A/D conversion, integrated AVB and MADI connectivity, and a multitude of features designed to make it a perfect companion for any professional recording.

Connectivity and Features

• 1 x Phones Output

• 4 x XLR/TRS Mic/Inst/Line

• 8 x XLR Mic/Line

• 1 x Redundant power supplies

• 1 x Word Clock I/O

• 1 x MADI I/O coaxial

• 3 x ADAT Out

• 1 x MADI Optical SFP (optional)

• 2 x Gigabit Ethernet (802.3 compliant)

• SteadyClock FS

• USB for firmware & remote control RME’s first preamp for audio networks

RME's First Preamp for Audio Networks

The RME 12Mic features twelve microphone and line level inputs with digital, no-compromise, studio-quality conversion; remote controllable gains; integrated MADI and AVB connectivity; plus a multitude of additional functionality, designed to make it the perfect companion for any professional recording setup.

Twelve transparent mic preamps for exceptional conversion performance

The PAD-free microphone input stages have a 75 dB gain range and accept signals of up to +18 dBu. On the conversion side, the extraordinary SNR values show anastonishing 121.2 dB(A) on all channels. All twelve front-facing XLR connections accept microphone and line level signals, whilst the first four connections also accept TRS connectors, with switchable high impedance (Hi-Z) for instruments.

MADI & ADAT for maximum flexibility

Both coaxial and optical (via an SFP module) MADI I/O is available for independent or redundant operation, and can be used for daisy chaining, merging and converting MADI signals at incredibly low latency. Three optical ADAT outputs provide up to 24 channels of audio at single speed (for example, a combination of microphone inputs, MADI signals and AVB signals), or 12 output channels at 96 kHz sampling rate, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of audio interfaces. Additionally, the ADAT ports can also be used to send monitor mixes from the AVB or MADI inputs to existing DACs/headphone amps.

Two fully redundant network ports

For the first time, RME offers an AVB device with two fully redundant network ports, based on the recommendations of MILAN. The RME AVB Core has meticulously implemented the IEEE standards for audio- streaming, discovery and control, allowing RME devices to be both discovered and fully controlled by any AVB controller, and making vendor-specific control protocols a thing of the past. Any signal reaching the 12Mic can be routed and streamed over a network with fixed latency and guaranteed bandwidth - no switch configuration is required!

Plug’n’play - rapid user interaction

Control all device states directly from the front panel for convenient, direct access to all features. RME AVB devices can also be fully remote controlled via a web-interface on any network link (including wirelessly over Wi-Fi), allowing for the rapid creation of gain groups, phantom power switching, and routing of signals to headphones for monitoring. The integrated routing matrix allows for quick routing of any analog inputs straight to the headphone output, as well as all digital signals and AVB streams. As such, problem-solving of signals, clocking, connectivity or other issues is both simple and straight-forward!

SteadyClock FS

In digital audio, the clock frequency is an essential factor, as it creates the correlation between the audio bits and the time reference. Unfortunately, the clock frequency is not always as stable as desired. The 12Mic offers full SteadyClock FS performance for lowest jitter and highest jitter immunity. Excellent performance in all clock modes and High Quality Analog Conversion to hear your mix as it is. Digital format conversion in RME products are done without any loss or degredation,and SteadyClock FS ensures your sonic image will never experience degredation. This helps to optimize recordings and mixes because the soundstage has more depth and clarity.


4x XLR-TRS combo inputs (switchable P48 on XLR / Hi-Z onTRS)

8x XLR microphone inputs (switchable P48)

All analog inputs +18 dBu, 75 dB gain

Phones output for monitoring of all signals (stereo orbalanced mono)

Word Clock I/O (BNC)

2x RJ45 1 GigE AVB, 8 streams (each up to 16 ch.) perdirection with redundancy

1 x MADI I/O coaxial

MADI optical via optional SFP module

MADI input redundancy (requires optional SFP module)

3x ADAT outputs (24 ch. @ 48k, supports up to 192 kHz)

Internal routing of up to 268x282 channels

19 enclosure 1 unit height

1,54 full color display with control knob and four buttonsfor convenient, direct access to all features

SteadyClock FS - ultra-low jitter digital clock technology

Remote control via HTTP, JSON, IEEE 1722.1 AVDECC, MIDI overMADI

internal PSU, optional 12V DC redundant power supply

USB 2.0 (for remote control and firmware updates)

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