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All-in-one Single Operator 4K Production Bundle 20X PTZ
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Innovative, Compact, Easy to use and All-in-one.

SHOWCAST 100, 4K all-in-one single operator video switcher with built-in camera controller, streaming encoder, recorder, and a 14-inch touch panel control for easy operation and monitoring all the sources. The bundle includes three PTC-280 12x PTZ cameras with HDBaseT transmitters and receivers to provide 4K/60P power, video and control up to 100 meters.

Producing full HD virtual multi-camera video using a single 4K camera

KMU-200 is an all-in-one solution for producing full HD virtual multi-camera video using a single 4K camera. KMU-200 uses a large touch screen for operation using similar gestures used on any tablet or phone. By pinching and swiping, you control up to 4 cutouts of a 4K image and as if the footages comes from 4 different cameras. Use hardware control to precisely position the cutouts like a regular PTZ camera. KMU-200 features a dual streaming encoder making it possible to go live on all the well known streaming platforms directly from the device. Easily record on SD cards and you can directly bring the recording to your favorite editing suite. KMU-200 allows you to produce virtual multi-camera videos easily without any help.

Supports 4K UHD Resolution Input

4K cameras are widely available and content online doesn’t require the full 4K resolution for streamed content.  A single 4K camera can be utilized to obtain 4 cut outs or regions of interest. The KMU-200 is perfect for interview application with small panels or smaller houses of worship.  With Social distancing becoming commonplace, the KMU-200 reduces the amount of cameras needed to get your production streamed live.

Long distance 4K HDBaseT Transmitter that carries 4K video, control, tally, and power over one ethernet cable

The HBT-15 is an HDBaseT Transmitter designed to interface between transmitting and receiving HDBaseT devices. The HBT-15 Transmitter transmits up to 4K 2160P image quality video up to 100m.

An essential link to connect all your equipment for your 4K live production

The HBT-30 supplies power, Ultra HD 4K50/60 video signal, and camera control up to 3 devices up to 100 meters distance. It simultaneously outputs HDMI, RS-422 and IP control signals.

Control your camera from 100 meter away

Control up to three HDBaseT cameras from a single receiver. With HBT-30, you no longer need individual HDBaseT receiver boxes per camera.

Seamlessly add HDBaseT to your 4K HDMI Workflow

HBT-30 can power the PTZ video cameras via PoE, transmit signals over a single ethernet cable to and from the camera and can be used to remotely control various camera parameters such as iris, presets and etc. Most importantly, it can output HDMI signal to your switcher.


. Make your streams more reliable with SRT

Many broadcasters have experienced pixelated video during live streaming, often due to unstable network environments caused by bandwidth volatility and packet loss. Streaming RTMP over unreliable networks can cause issues. With dvCloud, you can now replace the RTMP protocol with SRT, which will fix most streaming issues you may have. SRT is better than RTMP because it handles problematic networks more efficiently. As a result, your viewers will experience a better stream, with less buffering and pixelization. Click Here to learn more about what SRT can do for you.

Easy control of virtual cameras

Users can easily control the video cutout sources by using the touch screen and well known gestures such as pinching and swiping. The joystick, zoom knob and hardware buttons can also be used alternatively.

Create your Horizontal Video

Make your live-streaming look professional with only six buttons to create four virtual camera footage and six different shots. When using the KMU-200, you can switch between four different virtual cameras, the full shot and the extra HDMI input. Operating the unit is very easy this way.

Create your Vertical Video

Easily switch between horizontal and vertical mode/video production mode Vertical video production is in favour of those who prefer to watch the videos on the vertical mode. You can simply alter this mode by rotating the screen. KMU-200 is natively able to produce vertical video by pressing a single button, effectively converting the whole unit from 16:9 to 9:16 production.

Stream to 25 Platforms Simultaneously (dv Cloud Professional)

dvCloud Professional (please refer to for more info) can stream to 25 platforms simultaneously. It can stream to either different platforms or different channels of the same platform. Thus, even if your local network bandwidth is limited, you can still stream to multiple platforms at the same time with dvCloud.

Camera Control

The SHOWCAST 100's built-in camera control functions allow you to simultaneously control three PTZ cameras. You can directly save the lens position presets, pan and tilt positions in real time and zoom in and out of a shot. In addition, you can adjust the white balance, iris and mirror mode of each camera.

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