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Barn doors with a twist. Because the SiriusR series lights all come with an integrated speedring, we fashioned a unique set of barn doors that mounts to the existing ring. Using 4 sturdy thumb screws, it tightly secures to the ring, locking into 4 of the rod holes on the edge of the speedring. Now you can flag and control light, and even swivel the whole set of doors to that precise angle to flag just the right amount of light.
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The Sirius R Series barn doors also feature an adjustable friction control behind the hinge, that you can tighten with an allen wrench if you need a little extra ridgidity when adding colored gels. Feel free to simply tape gels directly to the black anodized aluminum doors. SiriusR Series lights do not get hot enough to melt your tape or your gels and the doors remain cool enough to adjust even after the SiriusR Series light of your choice has been on for a while.
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