SLXD124/85 Wireless System

Wireless System with SLXD2/58 Handheld Transmitter, SLXD1 Bodypack Transmitter and WL185 lavalier microphone
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The SLXD124/85 Wireless System delivers transparent, 24-bit digital audio and rock-solid RF performance for a wide range of applications, from day-long presentations to nighttime performances. Operate up to 32 compatible systems per 44 MHz band, with easy setup and optional rechargeability accessories for wireless excellence, wherever required. Ships with SLXD4 single-channel receiver, SLXD2/58 handheld transmitter, SLXD1 bodypack transmitter and WL185 cardioid lavalier microphone with antenna and rackmount accessories and 4 AA batteries.



RF Carrier Frequency Range

470937.5 MHz, varies by region (See Frequency Range and Output Power table)

Working Range

100 m ( 328 ft)

RF Tuning Step Size

25 kHz, varies by region

Image Rejection

>70 dB, typical

RF Sensitivity

97 dBm

at 10-5 BER



3.2 ms

Audio Frequency Response

20  Hz 20 kHz (+1, -2 dB)

Audio Dynamic Range

118 dB

at 1% THD, A-weighted, typical

Total Harmonic Distortion


System Audio Polarity

Positive pressure on microphone diaphragm produces positive voltage on pin 2 (with respect to pin 3 of XLR output) and the tip of the 6.35 mm (with respect to the ring of the 6.35 mm output) output.

Mic Offset Range

0 to 21 dB (in 3 dB steps)

Temperature Range

Operating Temperature Range

-18C (0F) to 50C (122F)

Storage Temperature Range

-29C (-20F) to 74C (165F)



SLXD442 x 197 x 152 mm (1.65 x 7.76 x 5.98 in.), H x W x D
SLXD4D42 x 393 x 152 mm (1.65 x 15.47 x 5.98 in.), H x W x D


SLXD4816 g, without antennas
SLXD4D1451 g, without antennas


Galvanized Steel

Power Requirements

15 V DC @ 600 mA, supplied by external power supply (tip positive)

RF Input

Spurious Rejection

>75 dB, typical

Connector Type




Phantom Power Protection

1/4" (6.35 mm)Yes

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