SMX-30V Stereo / Mono Mixable Video Microphone

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SMX-30V Stereo / Mono Mixable Video Microphone
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Stereo/Mono Mixable Video Microphone

With the SMX-30V, Azden takes their innovation of a switchable stereo/mono microphone to another level by incorporating a mixing dial. The first video microphone of its kind, the SMX-30V lets the user choose from using 100% of the stereo microphone, 100% of the mono-shotgun microphone, or any mix in between. Recording a dialogue scene but want to incorporate some of the environment’s ambience? Mix in a little of the stereo microphone. Recording a musical performance but want to tighten up the center stereo image? Mix in some audio from the mono-shotgun microphone. The possibilities are endless!

The SMX-30V is like having a stereo microphone, a shotgun microphone and an audio mixer all combined into one unit. To achieve this, there are three microphone elements in total: two located at the top, angled at 90º for capturing a realistic stereo image, and one inside a 4.5-inch long interference tube for directional audio capture. Combined with a stepless mixing knob, you have complete control over how much signal from each microphone to send to your camera.


Another unique feature on the SMX-30V is the swiveling shock-mount, which enables rotation of the microphone 30º to the left or right. This is a handy feature any time your sound source is not centered in-frame, allowing you to aim the microphone at your subject, thereby getting the most direct sound possible. In addition, the mount itself is designed to absorb vibrations and isolate the microphone from handling noise. The bottom of the mount allows for attachment to a standard camera cold-shoe slot, or via a ¼”-20 threaded stud.


Improved Battery Life

Battery life in the SMX-30V has been improved over the previous model to last up to 100 hours on a pair of alkaline AA batteries.

Isolating Shock Mount

Made from a virtually unbreakable composite material, the shock mount effectively isolates the microphone from the vibrations created by handling a camera. Designed to mount on top of a camera’s cold shoe, a threaded ¼”-20 tap is also available for boompole and accessory bar mounting.

Detachable Output Cable

Audio output via a 3.5 mm mini-jack provides flexibility to connect various third party audio cables. A high-quality, coiled microphone output cable is included with the microphone.

Low-Cut Filter

When engaged, the Low-Cut Filter (or High-Pass Filter) reduces low-frequencies which can be helpful in mitigating low-frequency noise from sources such as HVAC systems, wind or passing cars.

Auto Power

Setting to AUTO will turn the microphone on and off with your camera automatically, saving you from losing a great take and conserving battery.

3-Step Gain Control

The 3 step gain control has +20 dB, 0 and -10 dB settings. Adding 20 dB of gain to the microphone output is a great way to overcome noisy mic preamps, or to simply boost quiet audio. Reducing the gain by 10 dB is most useful to protect against distortion in loud environments.



Mix audio together from the stereo and mono-shotgun microphones

Or set the mixing dial to 100% stereo or 100% mono

Stepless variable mixing potentiometer

Swivel mount adjusts aim of microphone up to 30º to the left or right

+20dB gain booster alleviates noise produced by low-quality camera preamps

-10dB pad for loud sound environments

Auto power mode turns microphone on/off with camera

Low-cut filter selectable at 60 Hz, 3 dB/octave

Detachable audio output cable

Integrated shock-absorbing shoe-mount with 1/4”-20 thread

10 year warranty with registration


Polar Pattern:     Mono:Super-Cardioid Stereo: Cardioid (90)

Freq Resp:           40Hz - 20k Hz

Sensitivity:           -38dB @ 1kHz

Dyn Range:         118dB

S/N Ratio:           82dB, 1k Hz@1Pa

Max Input Level:               126dB SPL (1kHz@ 1% T.H.D.)

Max Output Level:            +10.2dBu

Output Imp:        75

Power Req:         AAbatteries x2

Output Conn:      3.5mm Stereo mini-jack

Power Switch:    Off,Battery, Auto

Gain Control:      -10dB, 0 dB, +20 dB

Low-Cut Filter:   60Hz, 3 dB/octave

Dims:     47 mm x 111mm x 154 mm

Weight: 160 g

Accessories:        Windscreen,Carrying Pouch, Stereo 3.5 mm Audio Cable

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