Virtual Instruments

Create professional and realistic sounds with our large variety of virtual instruments software. Choose from many instrument types such as synthesizers, piano and keyboards, guitars and bass, strings, orchestral, brass and woodwind, choral and voices, and more.

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  1. 30.8676 Hz
    The 100 presets of 30.8676 Hz flirt with the limits of your auditory abilities. Split in two, the Movements presets make heavy use of the arpeggiator for some ferocious thumping action while the Stills presets get you your dose of fat, snoring, and wobbly analog goodness.
  2. AAS All That Jazz
    Sound Pack for Strum GS-2
  3. Accordions 2
    Single Bandoneon from Accordions 2
    As low as $49.00
  4. Addict Drums 2 Artist
    Addict Drums 2 Artist
  5. Addict Keys Mark One
    Warm and Intimate Tones
  6. Addict Keys Mod Upright
    A Modern Classic
  7. Addictive Keys Studio
    Addictive Keys is a powerful music production, songwriting and live performance tool setting a new standard for virtual keyboard instruments. With its unique sound creation ability, smart workflow, fast loading times and high quality producer presets, it's perfect for any production style or music genre.
  8. Addictive Trigger TrigPak
    Includes the full Addictive Keys Engine Plug-in and Standalone operation Pick any 2 instruments of your choice
  9. Adventure Brass
    Workhorse brass library
  10. Adventure Bundle
    Adventure Brass & Strings
  11. Adventure Strings
    Workhorse String Library
  12. Aggrsn Drums Bundle
    Boutique Drums Renegade & Medusa
  13. Alex Ball- Artist Expansion Pack
  14. All M-Tron Pro Expansion Packs
  15. Alpine Volksmusik 1
    To the Alps and beyond Vol. 1
    As low as $99.00
  16. Alpine Volksmusik 2
    Collection of Instruments for Volksmusik
    As low as $99.00
  17. Altus
    Real counter tenor as a virtual instrume
  18. NEW
    Ambient Mode for Serum & Cthulhu
    Ambient Mode for Serum & Cthulhu
  19. Analog Meltdown AKAI S1000-S6000
    Analog Meltdown
  20. Analog Orchestra - Sound Pack for Ultra Analog VA-3
    Analog Orchestra - Sound Pack for Ultra Analog VA-3
  21. Ancient Duduk Phrases
    Ancient Duduk Phrases
  22. Ancient ERA
    Sounds from forgotten places
    As low as $159.00
  23. Antares Articulator Evo
    Digital Talkbox - Create talking guitars, singing synths, and a wide range of special effects.
  24. Antares Aspire Evo
    Aspiration Noise Processor - The world’s first tool for modifying a voice’s breathiness independently of its harmonic content.
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