Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphones (Matched Pair)
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Studio Projects
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Sold in a matched pair, the Studio Projects C4 small diaphragm condenser microphones exhibit the flexibility to excel in any recording and sound-reinforcement application. The C4's unique design features interchangeable capsules. Omnidirectional, cardioid and hypercardioid capsules are provided for each microphone, introducing a wide array of application possibilities. A -10dB pad switch minimizes noise due to excessive transients and peaks while a High Pass Filter switch minimizes low frequency noise and rumble.

The cardioid capsules minimize off-axis noise and audio signal making them ideal for X/Y style stereo capturing in live performances and recording applications, while the hypercardioid capsules provide even greater off-axis rejection. With the omnidirectional capsules, the mics are excellent pressure microphones and are capable of excellent audio reproduction during close capturing of instruments and vocals in favorable acoustic environments. The C4 pair is an excellent choice for ambiance capturing, piano, drum overheads and more.

Matched Pair
Dual C4 microphones are perfectly matched in signal and frequency response in order to achieve uniform, transparent audio reproduction
Interchangeable Capsules
Interchangeable omnidirectional, cardioid, and hypercardioid capsules provide the flexibility needed to excel in any recording or sound-reinforcement application
-10dB Pad Switch
The -10dB Pad switch provides added headroom, eliminating distortion due to signal overload
High Pass Filter
A high pass filter switch minimizes noise and rumble due to proximity effect, ambiance, etc
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