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Double Cassette Deck with USB Port


Let's check the tape!


Retro-modern and built to last! Building on TASCAM's long history of providing professional quality cassette decks, the TASCAM 202mkVII dual cassette deck is ideal for professional studios, houses of worship, audio/music enthusiasts and more. And to bridge the gap bewteen the analog and digital worlds, the 202mkVII adds USB conversion for easy digital archiving of your favorite tapes.

Packed with Features

Ensuring both ease of use and incredible flexability, the TASCAM 202mkVII builds on decades of design experience to place total control of the device at your fingertips


Dual Cassette Transport

The dual twin-head decks can each be used for recording or playback, or can be used together. Recording and playback is supported on both decks. Additionally, TAPE 1 has pitch control and TAPE 2 has an RTZ (Return to Zero: return the counter to 0000) function.


Parallel Recording Feature

The parallel recording function for TAPE 1 and 2 records audio to both decks simultaneously, creating two tapes with the same source. A master tape and a copy for distribution can be created simultaneously when immediate distribution is needed after recording, skipping the need for duplicating the master tape.


USB Recording Output

Cassettes can now be recorded and archived to an external USB-capable digital recorder using the 202mkVII USB output. Archive your cassette collection to digital media for playback digitally, or create new recordings using the new microphone mixing function and then transfer them digitally via USB.


Recordable Mic Input

A front panel microphone input is available and can be mixed with cassette 1 audio and recorded real time to cassette 2 for karaoke or voice over applications. Even connect a musical instrument like guitar, bass, or electronic keyboard and record. A separate microphone input function allows you to control the microphone volume for a perfect vocal (or instrument) mix.


One-touch Dubbing

Dubbing the contents of one tape to the other is available at the touch of a button.


Special Mode

In "SPECIAL" playback mode, you can monitor the sound from one tape using headphones while the other tape is playing (outputting from LINE OUT), making it easy to cue another tape.


202MKVII* In "NORMAL" playback mode, as with conventional models, when playing a tape in either system, the sound is output from LINE OUT and PHONES.

Features at a glance

Dual cassette deck for playing, dubbing, or recording 1 or 2 cassettes

USB output for archiving a cassette to an external digital recorder

Microphone input with level control can be mixed with cassette 1 and total mix recorded to cassette 2; convenient for karaoke and announcements

Headphone jack output with separate level control for audio verification or private monitoring

"SPECIAL" playback mode that allows you to cue the next song on a tape by monitoring the sound with headphones while another tape is playing

RCA analog unbalanced outputs; stereo RCA input

RTZ (Return to Zero) function that returns the tape to the zero count point

Repeat playback function

±12% pitch control function (TAPE 1 only)

Parallel recording function for TAPE 1/2 that can reduce time for dubbing cassettes

Supports recording and playback of normal tapes (Type I) and chrome tapes (Type II) - For metal tapes (Type IV), only playback is supported

Dedicated wireless remote control

Noise reduction function to reduce hiss during playback (equivalent to Dolby B NR)

3U rack mount design

Differences with 202MKVI

Noise reduction function added

"SPECIAL" PLAY MODE function added

PHONES level adjustment function added

USB digital output terminal added

Dedicated wireless remote control

No auto reverse function

No continuous recording/playback with Decks 1/2

No high-speed dubbing function

Supported OS'


Windows 10 (October 2020 Update) New , Windows 10 (May 2020Update)


macOS Big Sur New

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