Universal Audio Apollo x4 Heritage Edition (Desktop/Mac/Win/TB3)

Universal Audio Apollo x4 Heritage Edition (Desktop/Mac/Win/TB3)
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Universal Audio
Mac & Win
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Universal Audio’s new Apollo Heritage Editions deliver apremium software suite of 5 or 10 award-winning UAD plug-in titles — includingthe full Collections from Teletronix®, Fairchild®, Pultec®, Helios®, and UA —conveniently packaged at significant savings.


These are the same UAD plug-ins that built UA's reputationfor analog modeling over the past decade — making Apollo Heritage Editions theperfect choice for those looking to get the most accurate library of classicanalog emulations anywhere, right out of the box.


Elite Audio Conversion and Four Unison Preamps, All on yourDesktop.

Apollo x4 allows musicians and producers to easily track,overdub, and mix larger projects with elite-class A/D and D/A conversion, fourUnison-enabled preamps, and QUAD Core realtime UAD plug-in processing — all ina desktop Thunderbolt 3 audio interface for Mac and Windows.


Built upon UA’s 60-year heritage of audio craftsmanship,Apollo x4 confidently outperforms everything in its class with 127 dB D/Adynamic range, along with an included bundle of UAD analog emulation plug-insand LUNA Recording System, giving you a fully-stocked analog studio, right onyour desktop.

Record and mix with elite-class A/D and D/A conversion — withthe widest dynamic range and lowest noise of any desktop interface    

Onboard UAD QUAD Core processing lets you track and mix withthe included Teletronix LA2A and 1176compressors, Pultec EQs, and 610B TubePreamp & EQ plug-ins

Four Unison-enabled preamps — track larger projects withnear-zero latency through preamp emulations from Helios,® Neve,® API,® Manley,®and more            

Includes LUNA Recording System — a fully-integrated andinspiring music production application

Four Unison Preamps: Get the Genuine Sound of Neve, Helios,API & More

Apollo x4 features four Unison-enabled mic preamps, lettingyou track through exacting mic preamp emulations from Neve, Helios, API,Manley, Avalon, Universal Audio and many more. Exclusive to UA AudioInterfaces, Unison technology nails the tone of these sought-after tube andsolid state mic pres — including their input impedance, gain stage “sweetspots,” and the component-level circuit behaviors of the original hardware.


The secret to Unison is its hardware-software integrationbetween Apollo’s mic preamps and its onboard UAD QUAD Core DSP Acceleration.Simply place a Unison preamp plug-in on your mic input in Apollo Consolesoftware, and it physically reconfigures the Apollo interface's impedance — soyou can tap into the classic sounds of the world’s most recorded mic preamps.

Elite-Class A/D and D/A Conversion

With thousands of hit songs and hundreds of Grammy-winningalbums under their belt, Apollo interfaces are used to trackexceptional-sounding records every day. To improve on the previous generationof desktop Apollo interfaces’ class-leading audio conversion, UA engineersredesigned the x4’s audio conversion to deliver a striking 127 dB dynamic rangeand -117 dB THD+N, giving Apollo x4 a spacious, organic sound that easilyrivals dedicated high-end converters.

Apollo: The Choice of New-School Professionals

Apollo is the confirmed choice of hit-making professionals,used to record landmark albums by Kendrick Lamar (DAMN.), Chris Stapleton (FromA Room: Volume 1), Arcade Fire (Everything Now), Post Malone (Beerbongs &Bentleys), and many more. The Apollo range of interfaces has earned numerousindustry awards from Sound on Sound, Future Music, and Electronic Musician — aswell as the prestigious TEC Award for computer audio hardware five yearsrunning.

A Full Suite of Classic

Analog Processing Onboard

Right out of the box, Apollo x4 offers a suite of incredibleanalog emulation plug-ins including the world’s only authentic TeletronixLA-2A, 1176LN, Fairchild 670, Pultec EQs, and the UA 610-B Tube Preamp &EQ. Developed by UA’s world-renowned team of algorithm engineers, theseRealtime Analog Classics Plus plug-ins set the standard by which all otherhardware emulation plug-ins are judged.


From the tube warmth of the Pultec EQ on guitars, to thegentle limiting of the LA-2A on vocals, your recordings will take a giant leapforward in rich, sonically complex analog sound.

Access the World of UAD Powered Plug-Ins

Beyond the included Realtime Analog Classics Plus plug-ins,Apollo x4 lets you tap into the full library award-winning UAD Powered Plug-Ins— including vintage EQs, Compressors, Reverbs, Tape Machines and more — atnear-zero latency, regardless of your audio software’s buffer size and withouttaxing your computer’s CPU.


With exclusive emulations from Neve, Lexicon, CapitolStudios, API, Manley, Ampex, Fender, and more,* it’s like having an endlessanalog studio, right on your desktop. And unlike competing interfaces, theseDSP-powered plug-ins are also available in your DAW for mixing.

Record with Vintage Amps

Apollo x4 also includes Unison technology on its front panelinstrument inputs, giving you access to dead-on emulations of guitar and bassamps like the Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe, Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959, and theAmpeg B-15N Bass Amplifier.

LUNA Recording System

Deep Apollo Integration with a Fast, Natural Workflow

Apollo X series interfaces work with all major DAWs. Butthey become a fully integrated recording system with LUNA, Universal Audio’sgroundbreaking music production application for Mac. Harness LUNA’s AcceleratedRealtime Monitoring™ and power your workflow with a host of built-in featuresand optional extensions — from genuine Neve summing and integrated Studer tape,to inspiring LUNA instruments, and more.

Expanded I/O and Built-in Talkback Mic

In addition to its four onboard Unison-equipped preamps,Apollo x4 offers two headphone outs and two Hi-Z instrument inputs — greatlyenhancing your collaborative process. Plus, with a total of four line outs,optical ADAT/SPDIF input and output, plus dedicated monitor remote controls anda built-in Talkback mic, the 12 x 18 Apollo x4 can serve as the powerfulcenterpiece of your professional desktop studio.

Build a Networked Studio

Users of any Thunderbolt-equipped Apollo interface cancombine up to four Apollos and six total UAD-2 devices — adding I/O and DSP asyour studio grows. Once you expand your studio with an Apollo x6, x8, x8p, orx16 rackmount unit, you can use Apollo x4 as a desktop monitor control whilestill tapping its additional I/O and DSP power.

Desktop 12 x 18 Thunderbolt 3 audio interface for Mac andWindows with elite A/D and D/A conversion inherited directly from the acclaimedApollo X rackmount interfaces


4 Unison mic preamps offer stunning models of classic tubeand transformer-based mic preamps and guitar amps


UAD-2 QUAD Core Processing for tracking through vintagecompressors, EQs, tape machines, mic preamps, and guitar amp plug-ins withnear-zero latency


Produce with LUNA Recording System — a fully-integratedrecording application made for Apollo (Mac/Thunderbolt)



2 Unison-enabled Hi-Z instrument inputs


2 independent headphone outputs


Built-in Talkback mic for communication with studio talentand recording slate cues


Includes monitor remote functions and Mono, Mute, DIM, andALT monitor controls


Up to 8 channels of additional digital input via OpticalADAT/SPDIF input


Optical ADAT/SPDIF output for connecting to additionalstudio equipment


Includes the "Realtime Analog Classics Plus" UADplug-in bundle featuring the Teletronix LA-2A 1176, and Fairchild 670compressors, Pultec EQs, UA 610-B Tube Preamp & EQ, and more. Other UADplug-ins sold separately.


Runs UAD Powered Plug-Ins via VST, RTAS, and AAX 64 in allmajor DAWs


Uncompromising analog design, superior components, andpremium build quality


Free, industry-leading technical support — on the phone andonline — from knowledgeable audio engineers


Apollo X Series System Requirements




Thunderbolt 3 cable (not included)

Internet connection to download software and authorize UADplug-ins

6 gigabytes available storage

Quad Core i7 or better processor recommended

For additional compatibility information, visithelp.uaudio.com






Available Thunderbolt 1, 2, or 3 port

Thunderbolt 1 and 2 connections require an Apple Thunderbolt3 to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter (not included)

macOS 10.12 Sierra, 10.13 High Sierra, 10.14 Mojave, or10.15 Catalina






Available Thunderbolt 3 port

Windows 10 (64-Bit Edition)

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