Universal Audio Starlight Delay Pedal

Starlight Delay Pedal
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Universal Audio
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UAFX Starlight Echo Station Stereo Delay Pedal


Stereo delay pedal with Tape, Analog, and Digital effects, true or buffered bypass, Preset and Tap Tempo modes, additional downloadable effects, and more.


Meet the New Standard in Deep, Authentic Vintage Echo and Delay Effects.


Engineered and developed by the acclaimed team at Universal Audio, the UAFX Starlight Echo Station boasts powerful dual-processor architecture for the most sonically authentic Tape, Analog, and Digital delays ever produced by a stompbox.


From timeless tape echo and bucket brigade analog delays, to endless, pristine digital repeats from the 1980’s, Starlight Echo Station packs three iconic delay sounds into a beautifully-crafted effects pedal that’s built to last decades.


Legendary Delay Effects Through the Decades

Tape EP-III: Three unique 1960’s tape echo machines, with settings for tape age and preamp color.


Analog DMM: Vintage analog “bucket brigade” delay textures with enveloping modulation modes and subdivisions.


Precision: Pristine digital delays with endless delay trails and optional modulation, derived from the UAD plug-in library.


Bonus Effect: Free Cooper Time Cube delay, downloadable at registration.


Starlight Echo Station - Key Features

      Flagship delay pedal with powerful dual-processor UAFX engine

      Three legendary delay effects, with available tap tempo, subdivisions, and more

      Optional preamp coloration (Tape EP-III, Analog DMM)

      Simple Live+Tap/Preset modes for instant recall of your favorite sound

      Additional downloadable effects by the world-renowned UAD algorithm team

      True or buffered bypass,* spillover/tails, silent switching

      Analog dry through, stereo/dual mono operation

      Classic UA analog design and craftsmanship, built to last decades



      Power requirements: Isolated 9VDC, center-negative, 400mA minimum**

      Inputs: 2 x TS (input 2 for stereo connections)

      Outputs: 2 x TS (output 2 for stereo connections)

      USB Type-C for updates via computer


*True/Buffered bypass available via UAFX Control software (coming Spring 2021)

**Power supply sold separately

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