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Incredible real-time playability - V-METAL SPM (Super Performance Multi) 


V-METAL SPM enables you to access various playing techniques instantly without stopping your performance and create convincing guitar tracks very easily and quickly.


Single note, Sampled real 2-strings chords (minor 3rd, major 3rd, 4th, flat 5th, 5th, #5th, 6th, octave) Sampled real chords (add9, sus4, power chord), Other special sampled chords (‘Rush chords’) Unison bend, Double bend, Realtime Hammer-on & Pull-off, Realtime Legato Slide, Vibrato, Trill, Picking Tremolo, Mute & picking noise, Cricket, Gliss down, Pinch Harmonics, Natural Harmonics, Fret noise, Pick stop noise, Bridge mute noise, Finger Release noise, Position change noise, Whammy bar, Special FX, noises, Feedback, etc.


You can play ultra realistic electric guitar performance in real-time!


Fretboard Monitor          


SPM automatically selects a proper string / fret position depending on the situation. You can also change the string manually by key switches. The Fretboard Monitor visualizes the current fret position / playing technique you are playing.




‘Cricket’ is a guitar playing technique that Metal / Rock guitarists frequently use on solos. By hitting the whammy bar, the tremolo unit vibrates very fast and it produces a very cool ‘crying’ sound like a cricket (insect).




In actual guitar performance, you get feedback sound when a heavily distorted tone is played in front of (or a certain position from) the amplifier. V-METAL reproduces the feedback sound. The pitch and fade time of feedback can be changed.


Real Chords       


The extensive number of the ‘real’ chord samples makes your guitar tracks very convincing. minor 3rd, major 3rd, 4th, flat 5th, 5th, #5th, 6th, octave add9, sus4, major 3rd vibrato with / without pinch harmonics, power chords (besides 5th-dyad chord), other special chords (= so-called ‘Rush chords’), etc. Guitar chord sound that is emulated using single note samples does not sound real. V-METAL includes the huge number of ‘real’ recorded (in other words, ‘pre-recorded’ or ‘pre-played’) chord samples. Each chord instrument can be used as a SPM instrument and you can instantly access the various types of guitar chords. Prominy’s guitar libraries are the only ones that include such a huge number of the ‘real’ chord samples.




‘Double-Tracking’ is a technique that is frequently used in recording guitar tracks. It gives the guitar track a nice, wide-spread stereo images and thickness. With V-METAL, you can reproduce it very easily just by loading the double-tracking instruments. No identical samples are played simultaneously in both channels. You don’t need a stereo delay or tweaking your midi data to emulate the double-tracking.


Auto Stroke Detection    


With SPM’s Auto Stroke Detection feature, SPM automatically detects the current beat position and identify proper stroke direction (down or up). There are several stroke detection modes and you can also control stroke direction manually.


Assignable Key Switch    


All the SPM instruments have Assignable Key Switch feature which enables you to assign any key switches to each SPM instrument. You can combine any SPM instruments to SPM multi as needed and assign key switches, and create your own SPM setting.


Low note samples included          


The guitar is tuned to ‘drop C’, that is the most popular tuning among Metal / Rock guitarists. V-METAL covers the lower notes (low C – low D#) and is suitable for a wide range of musical genres; Modern Metal, Death Metal, Nu Metal, Metalcore, Rock, Pop, and so on.


Realtime Legato Slide     


With V-METAL’s Realtime Legato Slide feature using ‘real’ legato samples, you are able to get perfectly real expressions of the human finger’s legato slide that cannot be reproduced with a slide emulation by changing pitch. Realtime Legato Slide is available with the instruments; single note, minor 3rd, major 3rd, 4th, flat 5th, 5th, #5th, 6th, octave, add9, sus4, power chord.


Direct signal from the guitar        


The samples were recorded directly from the guitar and completely dry. You can make your own guitar sound so it suits the music genre you’re working with by adding your favorite amp simulator.

(* Amp simulator is not included in the product.)


Picking noises and various noises              


Picking noises and various noises (fret noise, pick stop noise, bridge mute noise, finger release noise, position change noise, etc.) made while playing a guitar are very important characteristics that identify a live guitar recording. That is why we took great care in capturing many variations of noises. Adding these noises will make your guitar tracks sound natural.


Other features  


– Expansive number of playing techniques, extreme power of expression that no other Metal guitar library has captured before


– Kontakt Player included -No sampler required!


Product Name    V-METAL

Model Number   PVI0004

JAN (UPC)            4562203910082

Data size             

10.4 GB ( = 19 GB* of .wav files)



* This product uses the Lossless Sample Compression format'NCW' with real-time encoding. The data size after the installation is approx.10.4 GB that equals 19 GB of .wav files.


System Requirements     

This product uses Kontakt Player as a playback engine. Thesystem requirements of this product is the same as that of Kontakt Player. Forthe latest information about the compatibility, please visit Native Instrumentswebsite (Kontakt Player's spec page).


Kontakt Player included - No sampler required!



Stand-alone, VST, AU (Mac), AAX


Additional Information

* The boxed version of this product does not come withinstall discs. It comes with;


- Download / Install manual (CD-ROM disc)

- Download code

- Serial number

About amp simulators

(Amp simulator is not included in the product.)


The samples were recorded directly from the guitar andcompletely dry so you can make your own guitar sounds your favorite ampsimulators. To get a distorted sound, an amp simulator required.


There are many amp simulators on the market but you can alsocreate your own distorted sounds without them if your DAW has built-in ampsimulator effect. (For example, Logic's Amp Designer / GuitarAmp Pro, Cubase'sAmp Simulator / VST Amp Rack, etc.) For detail about your DAW's amp simulator,please refer to your DAW manual. There are also some free amp / cabinetsimulators on the interenet such as TSE X30 (preamp simulator) LePou lecab(cabinet simulator).


We used Native Instruments GuitarRig5, Peavey Revalver MKIII.V, IK Multimedia Amplitube Metal on the demos. (You can download demoversions of the commercial amp simulator like the above on the manufacturers'websites.)

System Requirements

macOS 10.12, 10.13, 10.14 or 10.15 (latest update), i5

Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (latest Service Pack),Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU


12 GB free disc space (library data: 10.4 GB + KontaktPlayer: 1 GB

Hi speed internet connection* (for downloading installfiles)


* 22 GB free disc space is required when you install theproduct. (10.4 GB for the product + additional 11 GB for temporary files forthe installation) You can select to delete the temporary files after theinstallation or keep them for future re-installations.

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