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Vienna Symphonic Library
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VIENNA POWER HOUSE – Harnessing the Power of Your GPU

Boost your computer’s performance at the touch of a button! Vienna Power House is a groundbreaking add-on for Vienna MIR Pro 3D that offloads convolution processes to the graphics card in order to reduce the load on the CPU. Utilizing GPU Audio’s patented technology, this powerful acceleration component frees up your CPU for other tasks by using the vast processing capabilities of the more adaptable and streamlined GPU.

Vienna Power House currently works in connection with Vienna MIR Pro 3D and Vienna MIR Pro 3D (24). MIR’s core engine relies on convolution for placement and reverberation. This mathematical process taxes the CPU in a linear way. More audio sources, more output channels (from stereo to immersive formats), and long reverb tails may result in hundreds, even thousands of convolutions. An orchestra consisting of 80 stereo sources, mixed in 7.0.4 for Dolby Atmos, will create a maximum of 1,760 positional impulse responses and consequently the same number of convolutions (80 x 2 x 11), calculated in real-time at a preferably low latency. By lowering the CPU load by up to 50% or more, depending on your system, Vienna Power House provides you with significantly increased raw computation power at the click of the “GPU Power” button.

In its next iteration, you will also be able to outsource the convolution processes of the Vienna Synchron Player to the GPU. All SYNCHRON-ized Libraries will benefit from this power injection since they use convolution to place the rather dry instrument recordings onto the virtual Synchron Stage Vienna. (Synchron Libraries were recorded at Synchron Stage Vienna so they don’t use reverberation based on convolution.)

You don’t need to download and install Vienna Power House separately, but you will need to update Vienna MIR Pro 3D or Vienna MIR Pro 3D (24) using the Vienna Assistant. Upon purchase activate your license in the iLok License Manager and it will unlock Vienna MIR Pro 3D’s ability to outsource its convolution processes to the GPU.

Vienna Power House supports M1/M2 processors on the Mac, and NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards on the Windows side. The performance benefits will vary, depending on your DAW project, the number of tracks and convolutions, buffer size, sample rate, as well as VRAM and capacity of your GPU.

Up to 50% Off Vienna MIR Products

To celebrate the release of Vienna Power House, a groundbreaking add-on that offloads Vienna MIR Pro 3D’s convolution processes to the GPU, we’re offering both versions of Vienna MIR Pro 3D as well as all RoomPacks at major discounts.

Vienna MIR Pro 3D reframes and redesigns how composers, producers, sound designers, and live FOH engineers interact with their audio platforms. It replaces countless parameters, faders, knobs and engineering know-how with an entirely new graphical concept that allows users to interact more like a conductor than an engineer, to intuitively achieve greater clarity, immersion and authenticity in a mix.

Instead of using two-dimensional faders, pan pots, pre-delays, and a host of other inconveniences to achieve clarity and depth in a mix, the MIR Control Icon lets you easily place any audio signal in a 3-dimensional room and control almost any sonic aspect quickly and intuitively. Parameters such as volume, stereo width, 3D direction and dry/wet signal ratio can be accessed directly in the MIR Icon.

Not just virtual instruments, but any audio signal can be authentically placed in a “multi-sampled” room using the unique MIR Icon, making it exceptionally easy for the user to combine all aspects of placement and reverberation into a single intuitive workflow. You may choose your acoustic spaces from various MIR 3D RoomPacks offering world-renowned scoring stages, concert halls, studios and recording facilities as well as exceptional churches.