ADK Custom built PC desktop and laptop workstations are configured and optimized for audio/MIDI production as well as Vienna Symphonic Libraries Ensemble Pro on the main host system with a DAW or as a slave system.


CPU clock speed defines performance for plugins and latency especially over ethernet. Cores/Threads define how many VSTi’s the system can handle with plugins at any given latency. More Cores/Threads allow more VSTi’s and plugins without having to raise latency on projects. The speed of the ram determines plugins performance while the amount of ram determines how many VST’s you can run and not slow the audio engine down disk caching.

We recommend configuring our systems with the Samsung 980 NVMe Gen 4 drives for the OS for best interfacing experience and performance.

VSL Workstation
Most reliable and resource-friendly music software solution for CPU intense and RAM hungry plug-ins.
Vienna Ensemble Pro 7

Added FX Plug-ins:

A selection of powerful plug-ins, based on Vienna Suite Pro, with convenient GUI displays embedded in the mixer channel view: Compressor Pro, Equalizer Pro, Exciter Pro, Limiter Pro, Analyzer Pro.

PLUS Pro versions of our surround-specific plug-ins:

Matrix Mixer Pro, Surround Balance Pro, Surround Pan Pro.

Simplified Automation:

Detailed clear names of all automatable parameters available in Vienna Ensemble Pro and all inserted plug-ins. Click “Learn” and quickly identify the corresponding parameter in your sequencer, with its identical parameter name and values.

Interface Improvements:

Instance CPU Usage – Realtime read-out of the specific CPU load

Instance MIDI/Audio activity – Better overview, easy to observe and to control MIDI and audio activity

Vertical Instance List – For a quicker overview of all available instances (in addition to the tabbed view)

Improved Color Selection - System Colors available

Plug-in Management:

Favorites Manager – Create a list of your go-to plug-ins (FX/instruments)

Favorites (auto-populated) – Always see your recently most used plug-ins on top of your plug-in list

Customize Plug-in use in the Vienna Ensemble Pro Preferences

Improved Plug-in Scanning for a smoother experience with troublesome or incompatible plug-ins

New Plug-in Browser with Search Feature

Improved Resource Management:

Instance disabling (automatable)

Copy/paste channels – For flexible template adaptations (Comm. C/V, Ctrl C/V)

Connection and Network:

Instant Server Discovery – Reliable server detection, also in complex situations

Faster connection/disconnection from VE Pro Server/instances

Faster saving times – Instance data is compressed/decompressed to increase saving speed with demanding plug-ins like NI Kontakt.

Channel View Improvements:

Articulation Display – The currently playing articulation is displayed directly in the channel (works for Vienna Synchron Player, Vienna Instruments Player, Vienna Instruments Pro Player).

Missing Patches – Missing patches are indicated by a red frame (works for Vienna Synchron Player, Vienna Instruments Player, Vienna Instruments Pro Player).

FX Mini GUI Displays - Watch some of your integrated FX plug-ins right in the channel view.


With up to 48 MIDI Ports (= 768 MIDI channels) per instance, Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 is the first AU3 plug-in on the market.

Not fully functional yet, workaround for testing and a first impression available.

Epic Orchestra 2.0:

Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 now comes with a dramatically improved version of the original Epic Orchestra. At 73 GB, Epic Orchestra 2.0 is ten times the size of the original that was included with previous versions of Vienna Ensemble Pro! The new sample collection, powered by the Vienna Synchron Player, includes all the previous instruments and articulations, as well as stunning highlights from our latest library products.

Our Quad Core desktop workstations, such as our Qube X are perfect for cost-effective Vienna slave systems.

ADK Qube X

This powerful entry level audio and MIDI Production workstation features the latest 11th Generation Intel Core i7 and i9 8-Core processors, up to 128 gigs of DDR4 Ram, tons of connectivity for all Windows 10 compatible audio and MIDI interfaces, mid-tower and 3U rack case options available, USB 3.2, USB 2.0, Gigabit LAN, Thunderbolt 4 availability, and more.

If you are planning to run VSL Ensemble Pro on the local host of your main DAW system, then our Z590 Model FX, ADK TRX Forge or Extreme X2 would be the best solution. All of these systems will also work well as slave systems if you are running very large orchestral templates.

ADK Z590 Model FX

Professional Digital Video and Graphic Design Workstation featuring Intel’s Gen 11 and 10 i7/i9 processors, up to 128 gigs of DDR4 Ram, and many other customizable options.


The ADK TRX Forge features AMD’s TRX40 Chipset and latest Ryzen 3rd Generation Threadripper processors. Additional features include up to 256 gigs of DDR4 Ram, PCIe 4.0 slots and M.2 ports, Dual, Triple or Quad DVI graphics, Mid-Tower, Full Tower and more options available.

ADK Extreme X2

A power house Digital Audio Workstation based on Intel’s latest x299 chipset, featuring up to 256 gigs of DDR4 Ram, Dual, Triple or Quand DVI Graphics, optional TB3.0, Dual Layer DVD+RW or Blu Ray, Windows 10 64 bit and more.

Our laptop models will work great as mobile composer’s system using VSL on the system as a local host or with a slave system. They will support up to 64 gigs of ram. Some models will support up to 4 internal hard drives.

ADK Harp Xe 15.6 inch Laptop

This laptop features a 15.6 inch 1920 x 1080 Full HD (16:9) WVA Matte Type Display, Intel’s 11th Generation Intel Core i7-1165G7 Processor (2.80GHz Base / 4.70Ghz Turbo), 4 Cores, 12MB Smart Cache/11th Generation Intel Core i5-1135G7 Processor (2.40GHz Base / 4.20GHz Turbo), 4 Cores, 8MB Smart Cache

ADK Harp X1 14 inch Thunderbolt 4 Laptop

This powerful ultra-slim lightweight laptop is perfect for mobile audio recording, DJing, and small studio production. It is based on Intel’s 11th Generation chips and features up to 64 gigs of DDR4 Ram.

ADK Mirzam GX30 Laptop

This affordable, light, and powerful laptop is perfect for mobile audio recording, studio production, post production, streaming, and live production. Featuring 10th Generation Intel Core i7-10750H Processor, up to 64 gigs of DDR4 Ram, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX GPU’s.

ADK Naos GX30 17.3 inch Laptop

Combining Intel 11th Generation CPU’s with NVIDIA RTX GPU’s, this laptop offers high performance computing and flexibility ideal audio and video workflows including 4K, 5K, 6K and 8K media. Features up to 64 gigs of DDR4 Ram, up to 2 internal drives possible, and NVIDIA’s RTX GPU’s.

ADK Regulus GX30

This powerful mobile audio and 4K/HD video production noteboook features 17.3 inch LED back-lit 4K QFHD or Full HD screen options, 11th Generation Intel Processor, up to 128 gigs of DDR4 Ram, up to 4 Internal Hard Drives possible, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060/3070/3080 GPU options, back-lit full-size keyboard with numeric pad, and tons of connectivity for all modern audio/MIDI interfaces and control devices.

We sell all Vienna Symphonic Library software and libraries as well as the most popular 3rd party libraries. We will pre-install any software or audio/MIDI hardware purchased with your ADK system. We can install up to 3 of your own software and audio hardware for no charge. Please contact us for more information.