VP88 M-S Stereo Microphone with Internal Matrix

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M-S Stereo Microphone with Internal Matrix, Battery Included
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Condenser stereo microphone combines 2 condenser cartridges to create a stereo audio image of the sound source. It includes a windscreen, swivel adapter, and Y-cable, switch-selectable, low-frequency roll off, internal shock mount, and a pop screen.

The Shure Model VP88 is a single-point, stereo condenser microphone for use in professional studio recording, field production, electronic news gathering (ENG), and studio broadcasting applications. It combines two condenser cartridges in a single housing to create a stereo audio image of the sound source.


It is unique in its ability to capture the realism of a live event and yet withstand rigorous field production environments.


The VP88 uses a mid-side (M-S) configuration. One microphone cartridge (Mid) faces forward to capture on-axis sound using a cardioid pickup pattern. The other microphone cartridge (Side) is bi-directional, capturing sound from either side.


The VP88 contains an internal M-S matrix with three settings for different degrees of stereo image seperation. The internal matrix can be bypassed if an external matrix is used or if stereo imaging is done in post-production. Switches on the top of the microphone control output mode, stereo imaging, low-frequency rolloff settings, and battery on/off.


The VP88 can operate on phantom power or an internal 6 V battery. The VP88 is supplied with a multi-connector "Y-splitter" cable, foam windscreen, swivel stand adapter, 6-volt battery, and zippered carrying/storage bag.


Optional accessories include an isolation mount, a 7.6 m (25 ft) microphone extension cable, a phantom power supply, and a 4.3 m (14 ft) microphone stand.


The optional A88SM Shock Mount provides optimum isolation from stand-transmitted shock and vibration. The A88SM is ideal for critical studio applications contains a standard mounting foot for use with most electronic news gathering (ENG) video cameras.


Frequency Range: 40 Hz to 20 kHz

Time-coherent, Mid-Side (M-S) design for optimal stereo imaging

Built-in stereo matrix for direct control of the stereo spread; direct M-S outputs available

Mono compatibility ideal for broadcast applications

40 to 20,000 Hz frequency response

Low noise and distortion

Wide dynamic range

Switch-selectable, low-frequency rolloff (12 dB/octave below 80 Hz) for reduced pickup of ambient noise and stand vibration

Operates on phantom power or a 6V camera battery

LED power indicator

Internal shock mount for reduced stand vibration and handling noise

Built-in "pop" screen

Includes windscreen, swivel adapter, and Y-cable



Single-point stereo (MS configuration) condenser

Polar Pattern

Mid CartridgeCardioid
Side CartridgeBidirectional

Frequency Response

40 to 20,000 Hz

Output Impedance

EIA rated at 150  (100 actual)


open circuit voltage, @ 1 kHz, MS Mode

-66 dB[1] (0.5 mV)

Maximum SPL

800 load129 dB
150 load119 dB

Signal-to-Noise Ratio[3]

70 dB

Dynamic Range

105 dBMaximum SPL, A-weighted

Clipping Level

@ 1 kHz, 1% THD

800 loadMid Cartridge-12 dBV (0.25 V)
Side Cartridge-10 dBV (0.30 V)
150 loadMid Cartridge-25 dBV (0.06 V)
Side Cartridge-19 dBV (0.11 V)

Self Noise

equivalent SPL

24 dBA-weighted, 28 dBtypical

Hum Pickup

-4  dB equivalent SPL in a 1millioersted field (60XXXXXXXXXXXX)

Operating Temperature Range

-18C (0F) to 57C (135F)

Storage Temperature Range

-29C (-20F) to 74C (165F)

Operating Relative Humidity

0 to 90%


Positive pressure applied from any direction to the Mid cartridge or from the left to the Side cartridge in the MS mode, or applied from the front in the Stereo mode produces positive voltage on pin 2 relative to pin 3 (Mid/Left) and pin 4 relative to pin 5 (Side/Right).


Brass and nickel-plated aluminum construction with stainless steel grille. Finished in satin black vinyl enamel

Power Requirements

952 V DC[4] phantom power (IEC-61938), 1.3 mAoutput, 2.6 mAtotal


Type6 Vcylindrical
Life70 hours
Current Drain2.4 mAtotal

Overvoltage Protection

Maximum External Voltage applied to Pins 2 through 5 with respect to Pin 1: 75 Vdc

Net Weight

417 g (14.7 oz.)

[1] 1 Pa=94 dB SPL

[3]S/N ratio is the difference between 94 dB SPL and equivalent SPL of self noise, A-weighted

[4]All specifications measured with a 48 Vdc phantom power supply. The microphone operates at lower voltages, but with slightly decreased headroom and sensitivity.

Frequency Response and Polar Patterns

Typical Frequency Response of Middle Cartridge


Typical Frequency Response of Side Cartridge


Typical Middle Cartridge Polar Pattern


Typical Side Cartridge Polar Pattern


Cable Connections


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