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When output is what you crave, look no further than the Sirius R240 Silver Edition.
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The Jet Engine' of LED lights, the Sirius R240 Black Edition is based on our flagship Silver Edition, but with the use of a different chip configuration, we've boosted the CRI (Color Rendering Index) to 90 giving you rich red tones and a better balance for skin tones than what you may be used to from other LED lighting. Shaping the light is also a breeze. Add barn doors for hard light control, or using the integrated speed ring, feel free to add a softbox, octabank or strip bank of your choice using the industry standard rod hole configuration.

The Sirius R240s all aluminum construction embraces a bold radial style heat sink with DP friendly knobs and handles. Maintaining a cool operating temperature, youll never need gloves to make adjustments to the light or the barn doors while on a shoot, so tweaking your shot has never been easier.

The whole Sirius R Series of lights are IP65 weatherproof, so you can shoot low, high, wet or dry. Completely weather sealed, if your light ever gets dirty or dusty, simply spray it off. Go ahead. Its ok. Also, youll never have to cancel another shoot due to rain. Bag the camera and simply run the lights. Torrential downpour? No Problem. Even the included driver box and power supply cable are water-tight for wet or damp location shooting.

Will the Sirius R240 Black Edition change the way you shoot? Maybe. Big, Voluminous and clean light from a single dependable and affordable source.

  • Input Voltage AC110/120vac
  • Lumens 22,080lm
  • Frequency Range 50HZ-60HZ
  • Power Factor =.09
  • Power Efficiency >87
  • CRI 85%
  • LED Consumption 240W
  • LED Luminous Efficiency 80-95LM/W
  • Color Temperature 5000K
  • Beam Angle 120
  • Light Distribution Round beam
  • Working Temperature -40F-113F
  • Storage Temperature -40F-149F
  • IP65
  • Working Life-span 50,000h
  • Certificate CE,ROHS
  • Unit dimensions 16in H x 12.5in L x 11in W
  • Weight: 20.65lb
  • Dimmer Dimensions 4in H x 12.5in L x 7.5in W
  • Weight: 3lb
  • Accessories:
    • Optional Barn Doors
    • Pelican Case (1620 Series)
  • Sirius R240 Unit: 240w
  • Threaded Aluminum: Feet / Handles
  • 240w: AC Driver/ Dimmer
  • 15ft Water-Resistant: Power Supply Cable
  • Dimming Control: 0-100%
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