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Waves CLA Nx + Nx Head Tracker
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Mix more reliably on headphones: The CLA Nx plugin replicates the three-dimensional acoustics of Grammy®-winning mixer Chris Lord-Alge’s Mix LA studio control room – on any pair of headphones. Precision head tracking with the Nx Head Tracker Bluetooth device enhances the plugin’s immersive realism.


With CLA Nx you have better reference for your mixes on any set of headphones. Mixes monitored on headphones via CLA Nx will translate more accurately and consistently to diverse speaker systems, without the issues that often plague headphone mixes. Checking your mixes through CLA Nx allows you to make better decisions about mix depth, balance, panning, low-end response, reverb amount, and more – using your favorite headphones.


This combo also includes the Nx Head Tracker, a compact Bluetooth device that attaches to your headphones and tracks your head movements in real time. Whether used on its own or in conjunction with your webcam, the Nx Head Tracker enhances the immersive three-dimensional experience of the CLA Nx plugin.

  • CLA Nx monitoring plugin for creating better mixes on any headphones
  • Replicates the acoustics of Chris Lord-Alge’s Mix LA studio control room
  • Make better decisions about mix depth, panning, low end & more
  • High-precision head tracking with the Nx Head Tracker Bluetooth device
  • Powered by Waves Nx spatial audio technology

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