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eMotion LV1 is a revolutionary digital mixing console for front-of-house, monitor and broadcast engineers. Based on Waves SoundGrid technology, this software mixer delivers the superior sound quality for which Waves is renowned, as well as the quick and convenient workflow needed in demanding live environments.


Limitless Control over Your Live Sound


eMotion LV1 gives you unprecedented control over every aspect of your live sound. Each of the mixer’s channels has its own plugin rack capable of running up to eight SoundGrid-compatible plugins. This means you can mix live with hundreds of your favorite plugins—all running inside the mixer itself. All plugin presets and chains saved in eMotion LV1 can be shared with the Waves MultiRack and StudioRack plugin hosts, enabling you to move seamlessly between live and studio environments.


LV1 Channel Strip – Waves eMo Plugins


The mixer’s channel strip—its standard EQ, filters and dynamics processing—is provided by Waves eMo plugins: eMo D5 Dynamics, eMo F2 Filter and eMo Q4 Equalizer. All three are designed for maximum clarity and efficiency in a live environment. All three are included with the eMotion LV1 mixer.


The LV1 also integrates smoothly with the Dugan Speech automixer plugin (purchased separately), which is easily accessible from each LV1 channel.


Intuitive Workflow, Diverse Control


You can control eMotion LV1 using industry-standard hardware controllers, multi-touch screens and diverse portable devices, ranging from four touchscreens to a single laptop or tablet. No matter which device you are using, eMotion LV1 has the same intuitive workflow, with a user interface built for flexibility and speed.


MyMon: Personal Monitor Mixing App for the LV1


Designed for eMotion LV1, MyMon is a free mobile app for iOS and Android devices that gives performers on stage detailed control over their individual monitor mixes, directly from their mobile phone or tablet. Up to 16 stage performers can adjust channel volume levels, mute and pan channels, apply master EQ, and link channels to custom single-fader groups.


Total Portability


eMotion LV1 uses the SoundGrid infrastructure for audio networking. It can be configured as a portable or stationary setup, and can connect to any SoundGrid-compatible I/O or server. This means you can easily carry your mixer with you and run it anytime, anywhere—at home, in your hotel room, on the tour bus, or at the live venue. This way you can have all the time you need to work on your sessions, whether offline or with full-on audio, and make sure you are 100% ready for your show.

  • 16 stereo/mono input channels, 8 matrixes, 10 bus/returns: 8 auxes
  • Run 8 SoundGrid-compatible plugins directly on each channel
  • Channel strip processing provided by Waves eMo plugins
  • 16 DCA faders, 8 mute groups, 8 user-assignable shortcut keys
  • Supports V12 plugin resizing
  • Create your own custom layers for super-quick workflow
  • DCA spill – populate layers with DCA-linked channels
  • 32-bit floating point mix engine; up to 96 kHz sample rate
  • Compatible with industry-standard controllers, including Waves FIT
  • Includes the MyMon personal monitoring app for eMotion LV1
  • Integrates smoothly with the Dugan Speech automixer plugin
  • Connect & share up to 16 stageboxes, expansion slots or DAWs
  • Share the same stagebox between multiple LV1’s at FOH and monitors
  • Windows/Mac 64 bit-compatible1

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Important Notes:


Mac models without Metal support are not supported withthe current version. Learn more.MacPro models from 2012 and earlier are notsupported with the current version.eMotion LV1 v12 supports V12 and V11plugins, on the following operating systems only: Windows 10, macOS 10.14.6,10.15.7 and 11.0.1 (Intel only).SoundGrid is a private network: in order tohave a clean network stream, the SoundGrid network should not be used to runany non-SoundGrid applications. Using non-SoundGrid protocols on the samenetwork that carries SoundGrid audio might result in audio drops, applicationfreezes, and other unexpected results.

LV1 V12 requires updating all SoundGrid hardware tov12-compatible firmware. LV1 V12 is not compatible with v10 or v9 SoundGriddevices. See instructions on how to switch a SoundGrid system between driverversions.


SoundGrid host applications must be aligned to the sameversion for Device Sharing.

See eMotion LV1 support articles.

Please consult this list of all known issues + issues fixedin eMotion LV1 latest version.

VPN software can alter network settings to meet itsrequirements.

These changes can the affect the network ports used forSoundGrid and may compromise performance of the SoundGrid network.

We strongly advise that you remove, disable, or turn off allVPN software while working with SoundGrid.Waves Plugins and applications aresupported and tested on operating systems installed on the built-in system harddrive. Operating systems installed on external hard drives are not tested andmay not be fully functional with our software.


MacBook Pro / iMac / Mac Mini with Intel i5 CPU or higher
MacBook Air laptops are not supported
Apple M1 (ARM-based) processors are not yet supported.


Operating System
10.14.6, 10.15.7, 11.0.1 (Intel only)

Screen Resolution
1280x768 32-bit

eMotion V12 requires a graphics card that supports Metal.


Intel i3 or higher


Operating System
Windows 10 64-bit

Screen Resolution
1280x768 32-bit

Windows 10 64-bit with Intel i5 and up CPU


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