Digital Controller Hub
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Digital Controller Hub - DCH8

DCH8 divides the control line from host devices such as the Yamaha MTX/MRX series into up to 8 lines. It allows for a flexible system structure, with a combination of star connections and daisy chain connections as a repeater between the host device and the control panels.


DCP Series/DCH8 Connection Distance

It is possible to connect up to eight units of DCP controller by using daisy chain connections of up to 200m. And, it is possible to extend the connection distance by reducing the number of DCP series that are installed as below. When using 2 or 3 DCP controllers in a commercial space which has a wide floor, a simple daisy chain connection is effective. When using more than 4 DCP controllers in a wide commercial space over more that one floor, a flexible topology (combining Daisy chain and Star connections) can help to extend the "total" cable length by combining a DCP series with DCH8.

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