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The Werks Vol.1 is a set of three plug-ins for creating beautiful Glints, Gradients, and Glows.

Each plug-in is packed with features not available anywhere else. As with all Zaxwerks products, speedy workflow is comibined with flexibility. Many, many presets are included for instant productivity.

  • Generate complex gradients with a variety of shapes
  • Create in-glows, out-glows, and pop-glows with one click
  • Add multi-colored traveling glints to your text and images
  • Interactively change parameters for live updating
  • Use gradients to create glows you've never seen before
  • Animate your styles to add dynamic motion to your scenes


Each of The Werks plug-ins give you the option of controling where the effect gets applied. Normally, the effect is applied to the areas masked by the matte (or alpha) channel of the layer. You can use the Target Mask to change this. Two Mask types are particularly useful.

The first is called 'Layer Brightness' which lets you only apply the effect to area defined by a range of brightness. This is good for making the bright parts of an image glow. The image on the left shows the Target Mask in green. The glow gets applied to the target area, creating the image on the right.

Another Target Mask type is Gen Circle. This Mask creates a mask that is a circle or oval with an optional soft edge. This Target Mask is useful when you're looking to apply Werks in an isolated area with a specific shape. You can also generate squares and rectangles.


Once your mask is defined, you can apply further processing in order to achieve different effects. You may take the edges of the mask, have the mask fall off inward, or have the mask fall off outward.


The power of Glintwerks stems from how the glints are generated. Rather than limiting your glints to a simple color, Glintwerks allows you to build glints from gradients. This gives you unparalleled flexibility when flashing a glint across your text or image.


You can use glints to wipe images on and off screen. You can even use multiple glints to alternate wiping on and off. Glints can help make your wipes much more interesting, giving the edge of the wipe some character.


One way to make your glints unique is to apply a texture to it. Glintwerks includes several textures to choose from, or you can install your own. Textures can be used to break up the edge of the glint or to help integrate the glint into the scene.


Another way to modify your glint is by displacing them with a custom texture. The results can look similar to texturing the glints, but the glint gets displaced through the image, so you can generate some interesting effects


Glints are masked by the matte channel of the layer they are applied to. You can apply a glow to the glinted area to make the glint stand out. Your glow may be built from a single color, the underlying layer color, or even a gradient. Making your glint glow with a gradient can create some cool effects, as seen above.


The Werks Gradient Editor is a powerful tool for building professional gradients.

The preview area of the Gradient Editor gives you several ways to view your gradients so that you can make sure they look just right before using them in your project. You can choose the shape of the gradient and you can view the gradient applied to different masks and backgrounds.

The color picker gives you several ways to choose your color. You can also choose how the colors are interpolated so that certain colors don't look 'muddy.'

You have complete control over where the Color and Transparency markers are positioned, and you can duplicate or scale sets of markers.'

As you create gradients that you'd like to use later, you can save them as Presets. Glintwerks and Gradientwerks come with dozens of high quality Presets for you to use and modify.'


You can cycle the colors in your gradient by using the Phase Shift parameter. You can easily create psychedelic backgrounds or subtle color shifts using Phase Shift.


When you want to create non-linear repeating shapes or infinite horizons, the Scale Repeats parameter can generate repeating patterns that either grow or shrink over the space of your layer.


You can choose from 3 Glow Styles: Out Glow, In-Glow, and Glow In Front.


You can choose to use a particular color for your glowing area or you can use the colors of the layer that you're applying the effect to. In addition, you may either show the layer with the glow or just show the glow effect.

  • Macintosh
    • Host: Adobe After Effects CS3 - CC 2014.
    • Intel Mac Only
    • For After Effects CS6, turn off the Disk Cache feature in After Effects to avoid update issues.
    • Mac OS X 10.5.8 (must use After Effects CS5 - CS6)
    • Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7 can use After Effects CS3 - CS6.
    • A video card that supports floating point calculations.
  • Windows
    • Host: Adobe After Effects CS3 - CC 2014.
    • Pentium 4 or better
    • For After Effects CS6, turn off the Disk Cache feature in After Effects to avoid update issues.
    • Windows XP service pack 2, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
    • A video card that supports floating point calculations.
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